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Nestled in the beautiful hills of northwest NJ in a place called Schooleys Mountain, Green Chapel Studios is home to one of the northeast's great live recording rooms and the largest analog Calrec console in North America. Our studio "A" boasts a 21' ceiling and our control room is rooted in the design of one of America's greatest recording studios. We have hand selected some of the best new and vintage analog gear featuring Otari, Neve, SSL, Melcor, CBS, Massenburg, API, Sony, Neumann, AKG, Microtek Gefell. We have a beautiful meticulously maintained Yamaha grand piano, a vintage Fender Rhodes stereo suitcase model, Wurlitzer 200a electric piano, Hammond M 143 and a Leslie 147 We have a nice collection of Marshall, Fender, Bensen, Ampeg & Hilgen amps, three drum sets and 7 hand picked vintage snare drums, a rack of vintage synths. But is our room that sets Green Chapel apart from most private production studios today. The sound is larger than life. At Green Chapel Studios our staff is always doing their best to meet the needs of the most discerning bands and producers. This is without a doubt the place to cut your next record.

Our Calrec S2 Production Console is particularly special.
Literally a "One Of A Kind" console and referred to herein as "The Mighty Calrec". We purchased the original Calrec S2 Analog Production Console in September of 2016 in Chicago. The original console (#608) was a 1997 custom build for Trio Video (A company with Audio/Video remote trucks known for handling such music festivals such as Coachella, Austin City Limits & Lollapalooza among others). This console was delivered on Nov 7th of 1997. Immediately we began the arduous task of seeking out parts to expand upon this glorious console.  This came in a variety of forms including scouring the internet for individual parts, and the purchase of 2 other Calrec S2 Production consoles. By combining these 3 Calrec S2 consoles (#608, #699 & #700) we were able to expand #608 by adding additional metering, additional dynamics, changing the configuration by adding 36 additional channels and making our beloved #608 into the largest and one of the most versitile Calrec analog recording consoles in North America. 

10 Group Masters
10 VCA Masters
8 Effect Sends 16 plus stereo dynamics modules &
132 Channels The Largest analog Calrec S2 console

(3) Solid State Logic Madi AX 24 Channel

Microtek Gefell UM92 Tube Mic
AEA 44CXE Ribbon Mic
  Neumann U87
(2)Neumann TLM-49
(2) Microtek Gefell UM71
(1) Microtek Gefell UM71S
(2) Microtek Gefell MV692/M70
(4) Microtek Gefell 
AKG The Tube (hand rewired)
AKG D112
(2) Hendrickson Audio China Girl Tube
C12 Clone
EQ's Mic Pre's
(2)Melcor 573 mic pre
SSL G383 Mic Pre / EQ 2 channel
(4) BAE  Neve 1066d Mic Pre / EQ
Massenberg 8304 4 channel
(12) Melcor aml 27 Mic Pre's 
API 3124+ 4 channel
(1) Calrec PQ1061 Mic Pre/EQ
(2) Calrec PQ1785 EQs
(2) Universal Audio Solo 110 Mic Pre's 
 SSL X Rack  w 8 E-Series EQ's
(2) SSL 500  E-Series EQ Modules
(6) Old School Audio MP1-C Mic Pre's 
(1) Old School Audio MP1-L Mic Pre's 
(2) Vintech 573 mic pre
(4) Hendrickson Audio Pultec EQP1A3
Ampex 601 Mic Pre
Neve 33609c
(8) Calrec DL 3678-2
(2) Calrec DF 4041-2
CBS 411 Volumax Stereo   
API 525 
(3)Teletronix La-3a
Universal Audio La-4
(1) Urei La-22
(2) Urei La-12
(2) DBX 160XT
(2) DBX 160X
Aphex Expressor
(2)Drawmer DS241
Drawmer DS201
Valley DynaMap 730
AKG Solid Tube with vintage Mullard
(3) Sennheiser MD 412
Audix D6
Beyer M500 Ribbon
Beyer M160 Ribbon
Beyer n201
(2) AKG C452-EB w/CK1
(2) AKG C452-EB w/ CK1
AKG C452-E w/ CK2
(3) AKG D330-BT
(6) Shure SM57
(3) Sennheiser e609
(2) Audix i5
(2) Audix om5
(2) Earthworks
Pro Tools HD 3 48 Analog Channels 
48 Digital Channels
(3) Solid State Logic Madi AX24 Channel
Sony PCM 3348 Digital 48 Track
Sony JH24 Analog 24 Track
Panasonic SV3700 Dat
Tascam DA30 Dat
Pro Tools Digi 001
Pro Tools Digi 002
Ampex AG 440 B 
Studio Technologies Echoplate Reverb
Bensen Tall Bird Studio Spring Reverb
AKG BX20 Spring Reverb
Eventide SP2016
(2)Lexicon PCM 70
TC Electronics 2290
Roland D3000
Yamaha Rev 5
Yamaha Rev 7
Yamaha SPX90II
Lexcon PCM 41
Eventide Eclipse
Lexicon MX 200
DW Maple Green Oil Stain Kit 
w/ vintage cymbals
1976 Slingerland Chrome Plated Maple Kit 
1980's Pearl 5 Piece All Maple kit
Yamaha Brass Snare
Singia Maple Snare
Ludwig Hand Hammered Chrome 
Plated Brass Super Sensitive
Tama Birch Snare
Yamaha 8" deep recording custom snare
Yamaha 6" deep birch recording custom snare
1969 Yamaha G3 Grand Piano
1979 Fender Rhodes Suitcase
1974 Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Hammond M143 
1967 Leslie 147 tube
Korg Wavestation 
Roland D50
Roland D550
Roland JD990
Hammond M-143 Tone Wheel Organ
Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano
Oberheim Matrix 6R
Roland JD990
Roland MKS 70 
Korg M1R
1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom
1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
1995 Gibson Les Paul Special
2013 Gibson SGJ
1968 Epiphone ET-278 Crestwood
1990 Ernie Ball Stingray Bass
2018 Sterling Stingray Bass
1990 Fender MM Jazz Bass
Aria EBO Bass
1989 Alvarez Yari Acoustic
Martin OMC 1E

Guitar Amp's
1969 Marshall Super Lead
Custom Chris Benson Head
1966 Fender Bassman
JD Newell 2 x 12 cabinet small w / g12m20's
JD Newell 2 x 12 cabinet med w / G12 M 65 cream backs
 SVT3 Pro head with 4x10 half stack
Seymour Duncan Convertable Head
1966 Fender Tremolux Head
1979 Fender Princeton reverb
Sunn 18 bass cabinet loaded with EV 18
Guitar Amp's
1965 Fender Deluxe Amp
1962 Blonde Fender Bandmaster Head
1964 Black Fender Bandmaster Cabinet w/ Oxfords
1966 Fender Bassman Head
67 Marshall slant with 25wt  Greenbacks
Marshall  reissue slant loaded with 70's 25 wt blk caps
1988 Marshall  loaded with  65 wt cream backs
JD Newell 2x 12 cabinet
1965 Hilgen Basso Grande
1965 Hilgen Victor
1991 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
1987 Fender Strat Plus

2017 Fender Custom Strat Mini HB
2018 Fender Stratocaster H/S/H Monty's PAF

 1973 Fender Tele
2017 Fender Silver Sparkle Tele w / HB
2016 Fender Baritone Tele
1990 Yamaha AES 1500B 
Yamaha Semi Hollow

Steve Marinaccio
Studio Designer / The Vision

Dan Tilgner
Engineer / Master Editor
Wiring Engineer

Ritchie "Lupo" Samartin

Master Drum Tech

Kyle Richards

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