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The Green Chapel control room is rooted in one of the best control rooms in New York City then reduced by 27% to give the most realistic picture of what you are listening to. This room has been built 3 times over a 25 year period in 3 different studio locations. It has finally found a home on Schooleys Mountain and finally met our dicerning tastes. This is Big time Old School design with the modern touches. Housing a classic collection of vintage mic pre, eq's and compressor limiters featuring Ampex, Aphex, API, BAE, Calrec, CBS, Drawmer, GML, Melcor, Neve, Pultec, Studer, Teletronix, Universal Audio, Urei and Vintech. This is a room that you will be able to hear everything that you need to hear while you are creating. There is a pair of Big Reds with Matering Labs Crossovers so that you know what's real and a pair of NS10m's powered by a Yamaha Power PC2002 amp with a Velodyne Subwoofer. Our team of skilled arrangers, producers, engineers and musicians can get you through your most challenging projects.

Steve Marinaccio
Studio Designer / The Vision

Dan Tilgner
Engineer / Master Editor
Wiring Engineer

Ritchie "Lupo" Samartin
Master Drum Tech

Scott Monetti
Keyboardist / Singer

G r e e n   C h a p e l   S t u d i o s   S c h o o l e y s   M o u n t a i n   N J   2 0 1 . 4 0 0 . 6 5 5 4