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Green Chapel Studios. is a private multitrack production facility based in Northwest NJ and home to some of the tri
state area's finest musicians, composers and performers. GreenChapel is the brainchild of - Steve Marinaccio.

Alex Nackman
Travis Rocco

John Bongiovi
Tall Stories

Big Black Bush



John Bongiovi

Green Chapel Studios is also the home of Steve Martinaccio a NJ based songwriter, music producer, recording engineer and musician. He is the former owner of The Music Source (Plainfield 1983-84 ) Nova Sound ( Elizabeth & Roselle Park 85-87) Brickhaus Studios (Red Bank 88-95 & Hazlet 96 -02). He has worked with a variety of artists in a variety of capacities including Travis Rocco, Alex Nackman, Steve Augeri (Journey), Peter Sherer ( Highway 9 Mr. Reality , Sam Hill)  Tall Stories, Big Black Bush, Company of Wolves, Helix, Tyketto, Sandy Zio, Stacey Rose, Kate Baker, Gordon James, Steve Conte,  (NY Dolls) John Conte ( Peter Wolf, Asbury Jukes), Solor Plexus, A Cloud Particle, Tony Bongiovi, Roy Hendrickson, Jimmy Leahey (John Waite) and others.

"I have the best live room in NJ. Deep in the woods of Schooleys Mountain NJ this the place is what I have dreamed about". It all  started many years ago in the basement of my home in Plainfield NJ with musical jams and with writing sessions  so many local musicians including Kevin Goins (Quazar, PFunk)  Gordon Gaines, Gregg Fitz, Juan Van Dunk (Woo Warriors) Ken Sebesky,  Jack Hill, Duane Marshall, Jimmy Garabo, Calvin Cosner, Jerome "Juice" White, Troy White, Michael Ungar James Apgar, Dave Smith, Eugene "Moochie" Jackson, Joe Deluca, Wayne Bonstein Jack Morer and many others.

Within a few years of leaving my childhood home I had built my first studio in the mezzanine of an old bank in Plainfield. This studio was called Nova Sound. A few years later I moved to California and in a short time realized that NJ was where I belonged.  I moved to Toms River for 9 months got married and got an audio gig on the Cosby Show. That kept me going while building my first world class studio Brickhaus Studios in Red Bank NJ) After 5 years, a family tragedy forced me to close Brickhaus and built a mixing room in my Hazlet Townhouse. This control room was the second room that I built that was modeled after "The Power Station' (studio B)". I had a small iso booth that allowed me to cut guitars and vocals, however it was a real room that I needed and it would not take long to realize my dream.

 In 2003 I moved north to the mountains to build the compound. I always wanted to have a place with a great live room that I could really experiment with all of my toys, all hours of the day or night. This room combined with my collection of vintage gear that included a hand picked collection of amps, mics, mic pre's, eq's and keyboard modules would help me realize the dream. There is no other room that I know of that sounds the way that this one does.

In 2005 Steve teamed up with producer/engineer, singer and musician Scott Monetti to form Marinetti Productions... Scott has worked with The Alice Project, The Fins, Second Left, The Aces and many others. Scott & Steve have made some great music with drummer Jimmy Garabo as "The Green Chapel Boys". You may have already heard them of on Alex Nackman Lelica's "Not A Moment Too Late or Travis Rocco's  "Smoke & Tangerines".

Behind all of the goodness in the Chapel is Dan Mr Choclitz (Himself) Tilgner. He has been here since the beginning. He is a crucial part of the "thing" that is Green Chapel Studios.

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